Expert:  M.J. Aitken w/ J. Wong

We provided expertise to Mary O’Kane AC, NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer and Chair of the Energy Security Taskforce with respect to NSW’s management of energy security and resilience. The Task Force sought to assess the risks to and resilience of the NSW electricity system (including the transmission and distribution networks) from extreme weather events in the context of a changing climate; review the adequacy of the State’s management of electricity system security events including prevention, preparedness, response and recovery; and make recommendations on actions to address any vulnerabilities identified and/or opportunities for improvements to current practices. We used the CMCRC’c flagship software, MQD, to examine changes to the health/quality of electricity markets around 3 major events, (i) the withdrawal of Hazelwood power station, (ii) AEMC’s rebidding market rule change, and (iii) the heatwave period in NSW around February 2017. See more at: