Atanaskovic Hartnell v Birketu Pty Ltd, [2019] NSWSC 1006

Expert: Michael G. Hains We provided expertise in the context of the claim for the recovery of legal fees and interest in the wake of the fraud perpetrated by junior solicitor Brody Jack Clarke against media mogul Bruce Gordon, a long-time client of Atanaskovic...

WM/Reuters Benchmark Rates, 2018

Expert:  M.J. Aitken w/ S. Ji We provided expertise in the design, analysis and alert specifications for the market surveillance of foreign exchange markets.

RP Data CoreLogic, Review of Hedonic Valuation Indices, 2018

Expert:  V. Mollica, M. Hardman We provided an opinion on the newly developed Hedonic Valuation Indices (HVI) and its methodology. The hedonic regression is a method used to calculate the CoreLogic Daily Home Value Index which seeks to overcome the issue of...

China Securities Market Quality Report, 2018

Expert:  M.J Aitken w/ S. Ji, Y. Lin, V. Mollica We provided expertise in the China Securities Market Quality Report, launched at the China Market Quality Cooperative Research Centre on April 21, 2018. It results from research collaboration between CMCRC, Macquarie...

NSW Energy, Final report from the Energy Security Taskforce, 2018

Expert:  M.J. Aitken w/ J. Wong We provided expertise to Mary O’Kane AC, NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer and Chair of the Energy Security Taskforce with respect to NSW's management of energy security and resilience. The Task Force sought to assess the risks to and...

FMA v Milford Asset Management market manipulation, NZ, 2015

Expert:  Expert: M. J. Aitken w/ S. Ji FMA investigated Milford's oversight of the trading of Mark Warminger between December 2013 and August 2014 and concluded that Milford, as the portfolio manager’s employer, engaged in market manipulation in breach of section 11B...

ASIC v Philip Vernon Brian King, Australia, 2015

Expert:  M.J. Aitken We provided expertise leading to the enforcible undertaking accepted by ASIC from Mr King and Regal. Regal is an Australian fund manager that manages a variety of long-short equity funds, where Mr King acted as a director and Chief Investment...

Additional Engagements

Whitebox Trading Pty Limited and Anor ats Australian Securities and Investments Commission (“ASIC”), Federal Court of Australia Proceedings No. NSD383/2016

State One Stockbroking Limited, ASIC Market Disciplinary Panel, Matter No. 24372/11

Ipay Express Pty Ltd  & Ors v Macquarie Equities Ltd market manipulation, Australia, 2015

Andrew Grant-Taylor v Babcock & Brown Limited in liquidation & Others disclosure, Australia, 2015

RinRim Pty Ltd v Deutsche Bank AG & Ors, 2015

Deputy Commissioner of Taxation v Chemical Trustee Limited, Federal Court of Australia, 2015

Yieldbroker surveillance for OTC interest rate securities and derivatives, Australia, 2014

FCA vs Da Vinci Invest, Mineworld & al. market manipulation, layering and orderbook manipulation, 2015, UK M.J. Aitken w/ S. Ji

DPP (WA) v Mansfield, Supreme Court of Western Australia – CIV 1997 of 2002, 2015

ASIC vs Rhinomed Ltd, 2015

Financial Services Council,Capital Market Structure Comparisons, 2014

Financial Markets Authority v Henry [2014] NZHC 1853

R v Joffe; R v Stromer [2015] NSWSC 741

R v Joffe; R v Stromer [2015] NSWSC 741

Inabu Pty Ltd v Leighton Holdings Limited event study, continuous disclosure, 2014 A. Frino

Modtech Engineering Pty Limited v GPT Management Holdings Limited event study, continuous disclosure, 2013

Financial Services Council FSC , Technology Impact on Capital Markets, A. Lepone, D. Wright V. Mollica 2013

Australian Pipelines Ltd v Hastings Management Ltd event study, 2012

Foresight Committee: Future of Computer in Financial Markets, High Frequency Trading – Assessing the Impact on Market Efficiency and Market Integrity, United Kingdom, March 2012. M.J. Aitken w/ S. Ji, A. Frino, D. Cummings, Sean Foley et al.,

Capital Markets Authority of Kuwait, Seminar on Market Surveillance 2012, Kuwait M.J. Aitken w/ S. Ji

Kirby v Centro Properties Limited &, event study, continuous disclosure, 2011

David Kenneth Michaels insider trading, 2011 M.J. Aitken w/ S. Ji

Rick Klusman market manipulation and front-running, 2011 M.J. Aitken w/ S. Ji

Lance Rosenberg v ASIC market manipulation, 2010, Australia

XQZT v ASIC – AAT proceeding 2009/3619 trade cancellation, 2010

ASIC, A Study of Abnormal Price Movements on the ASX for determining the positioning of Circuit Breakers.  2010 M.J. Aitken w/ S. Ji

Transmarket Trading Pty Ltd, Kestrel Trading Pty Limited and Biskra Aotearoa Limited v. Sydney Futures Exchange Limited event study, trade halt, 2009

Challenger Managed Investments Limited & Anor v Octaviar Limited & Ors, event study,  exercising convertible notes, 2008

First Pacific Capital Underwriters v CCI Holdings Ltd valuation issues, 200

Andrew Taylor v Telstra Corporation Limited. Federal Court of Australia continuous disclosure, 2007

LSE and Plus Markets competition issues, settled out of court, 2007, United Kingdom

Chemeq Ltd v ASIC event study, breach of continuous disclosure, 2006

Richard James Frawley insider trading, 2004 M.J. Aitken

Adam Tomas and Leon Siakos v Macfutures Australia, Macfutures Limited 2004

Derbyshire, Le Marrec & Ors v Ord Minnett Ltd, Ord Minnet Management Ltd, performance Plus Funds Management Ltd In Liquiditation & Ors. 2003 Susquehanna Pacific Pty Ltd market manipulation, 2001

Rodney Stephen Adler market manipulation, 2002 M.J. Aitken

Nomura Securities market manipulation, 2001 M.J. Aitken

GIO v AMP alleged deceptive conduct

NAB v Idoport information technology, misappropriation

OAMPS v Porter valuation issues

Anderson v CSR & Anor. Dust and Diseases Tribunal event study, 2001

Simon Hannes insider trading, involving allegations that the defendant traded in derivatives prior to a market announcement of sensitive information, 2001 M.J. Aitken

Kenneth John Firns insider trading, 1999 M.J. Aitken

Peter Ness market manipulation, 1998 M.J. Aitken

Nomura Securities involving allegations of manipulation of the price of a market index, 1996 M.J. Aitken