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A vindication of the rights of investors

A publication in the prestigious Journal of Banking and Finance demonstrates that market fairness does not have to come at the expense of market efficiency, using empirical data from the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Evidence based on whole-of-day trading rejected by the Supreme Court as it quashes a verdict of market manipulation

In the appeal brought by Daniel Schlaepfer in a matter involving allegations of market manipulation, three Justices of the NSW Court of Appeal Court rejected the expert evidence they described as “indirect and ultimately somewhat speculative evidence” that...

GoldZero: ESG Innovation of the year (funds & portfolios)

Hailed as "truly innovative and a leading example of the nexus of sustainability, technology and finance", GoldZero is the Innovation of the Year (funds and portfolios) at the Environmental Finance Sustainable Investment Awards 2021. GoldZero is commercialised by...

Announcing a new $181M digital finance research centre

Our experts are part of the new Digital Finance CRC (DFCRC) which focusses on the digitisation of real world assets, including the Trovio net-zero gold coin and other digitised commodities. The DFCRC has been awarded $181 million from the Federal government and...

We are part of the Universal Protocol Alliance, the block chain coalition trading digital tokens of carbon dioxide

Our experts are part of the Universal Protocol Alliance, a coalition of block chain companies that announced the Universal Carbon (UPCO2) token Tuesday. Each block chain-based UPCO2 token represents a certified measure of carbon dioxide. They can be bought and held...

Whitebox Trading: Important clarifications about key concepts in securities market litigation

In Justice Yates’ judgement in the Whitebox matter, there are several clarifications of key legal concepts in securities law, including clarifications about the meaning of the terms “likely”, “market”, “transactions” and “acts” for the purposes of...

Are fixed-income markets integrity challenged?

Mike Aitken and Kumar Venkataraman compare the microstructure of the equity and fixed-income markets, and explain the consequences of the lack of transparency in fixed-income markets before pointing to solutions in order to improve the fairness of fixed-income markets.

The DaVinci Case: Spoofing and Layering.

“Australian technology and analysis has been used to crack a case involving traders using high-frequency strategies to manipulate markets in Europe and the UK.” – MondoVisione

Training in Market Micro-Structure, Regulation and Compliance, Surveillance, Big Data Analytics

We offer bespoke training for regulators, financial institutions and other market participants, from introductory sessions for non-finance audiences to leading edge sessions with Ph.Ds.


Capital Markets Consulting’s expertise and supporting technology delivers unrivalled credibility in complex cases. These include:

“Professor Mike Aitken of CMCRC is impressive in his own right as an expert witness.

When backed up with the data from his brainchild SMARTS, he is a surveillance icon.”

Patrick L Young

Author of The Exchange Invest 1000: The World’s Most Influential People In Market Structure (EI1000)